About us

We are the rebels, 
the nice ones!

Our mission

We help businesses accept diverse payments from anyone and anywhere, with significantly less hardware and complexity. Years of experience have enabled us to understand merchants’ needs, solve their daily problems connected with payments, and always keep them ahead in the hyper-digitalisation game.

We design easy-to-use payment technology with the merchant or service provider at the centre. We understand that speed and high-quality service are a must at your point of sale, and that cost efficiency is just as important. Our payment solutions aim to make your business fast, flexible and economic. All in one.

Elly POS

Elly POS is an all-in-one POS terminal that enables you to accept cash, payment cards, mobile payments and alternative payment methods like cryptocurrencies with one single integration. It also helps you to generate additional income by using third-party apps and displaying ads to customers. All while the customer is paying!

No more multiple devices, heavy hardware, waiting in lines. Just concentrate on the sales process and let Elly POS do the rest.